Sales Proposals

Assemble sales proposals by picking elements from a curated library. Use elements from communication or legal and mix with yours. No more copy and paste.

Any single proposal requires many inputs

Roberto works with Cookware Pro Ltd, a manufacturer of cooking equipment. Roberto works with the rest of the team to rush a sales proposal to “Eat at John’s” restaurant. As always, he needs to fetch the latest product description, prices, terms and conditions, etc. from his colleagues. Then submit for approval.

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Sometimes we copy & paste rather than checking the source

Here comes the issue: We don’t always check with the source to ensure our elements are up to date. Legal or communications person may be away from their desk, or the latest warranty clauses are on a drive somewhere, or simply we have no time… So he’ll just copy and paste the previous sales proposals, do the checks and edits, and send for approval.

But copy & paste creates duplication and inconsistency

Ooops! Standard terms and conditions wording was changed last week. Roberto needs to rework and will miss his dinner with friends!

Next time, Roberto will be using Qinaps.

Manage a library of standard blocks and templates

With Qinaps, each team member has control on their area of responsibility. Product owners document product features, legal team does the terms & conditions, etc.

Pull blocks to create a sales proposal

All Roberto has to do is to pull the elements from the library and drag them along with his own working.

Leave it to Qinaps to compose and send documents

Et voilĂ ! A document is generated by Qinaps, cherry picking from elements under each team member’s control.

Each time a library element is updated, updates will propagate into any live document made with Qinaps. This also applies to documents shared as internet links, if so desired.

Approval made simple

As an aside, checking a document amounts to checking its table of contents! Check standard elements are here, dive only into specific ones. No more need to double check that change requests have been executed!

Share multiple quotations without worrying about access, file type and security. Qinaps simplifies your life with quick doc previews via sharable links, no more watermarks or pdf conversions needed.

Image credits: Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels