Stop sending unnecessary emails, the environment will appreciate it

Even thank you mails carry Carbon Footprint, a study by Qinaps - the best documentation tool

Did you know that every “thank you” & “good morning” email carries a carbon footprint? Sending one email is estimated to result in the release of 0.000001 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. “Emails without a purpose are not only inconvenient, but they also have a huge environmental impact,”

Win with these 10 growth tools as Start-uppers

10 Tools for Start-uppers by Qinaps

As an early stage start-upper you are already juggling several hats and fire-fighting on all almost all days. At levels only founders will truly understand. How to can you improve the user’s experience? How do I start email marketing? Capture ideas and brainstorm? Increase LinkedIn following while building user-feedback-based product functionalities? These are important to answer […]

Top Product Milestones of 2021

We went ballistic on feature releases with 10+ major and 25+ minor ones with tons of bug fixes. Lets share some of the features.