Qinaps Product Updates of Sept’ 2021

Product Updates for September 2021
Snapshots for Product Updates of September 2021 for Qinaps

Qinaps is a networked note-taking application for delivering flexible documents which is constantly working on Product Updates to serve their users with out-of-the-box experience.

The secret recipe? Qinaps runs on both ends with the same data!

Qinaps’ ability to organize content is unique. Since, it’s a componentized knowledge-base, users can decide to view their content as a table, as a knowledge map, as a document or a live HTML page.  Different View Modes for the same content, thus there is a view for everyone!

Now, it’s time for making some product updates announcements which Qinaps team has been working on for the last few months. Qinaps will be focusing on some cool new feature updates as well as the “Build in public initiative”.

But first, let’s look at the newcomers of this quarter.

Qinaps Support Emojis

?Why are Emojis important? According to HubSpot: 25.4% of tweets with emojis get better engagement, 57% of Facebook posts get more likes while 33% get shares. You can insert emojis not only in the text but also in the block headings. We hope you enjoy writing and sprinkling emojis as much as we love.

Emoji Update of Qinaps

Kanban Boards

As per Wikipedia Kanban boards visually depict work at various stages of a process using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process. Cards are moved from left to right to show progress. Content in Qinaps is written within blocks and therefore can be easily categorized as per their completion status. Kanban Boards is one of the most unique features in Qinaps. Several blocks can be tagged as per their completion status as “complete” or “in progress” and so on.

PDF export

While we would love that user keep their notes and docs synced at all times. Qinaps understand the practical applications of content availability in a PDF version for sharing with stakeholders as non-editable documents. This is why we added PDF export as an option. Now you can easily convert your online documents into pdfs versions and email them as attachments. Within our team, we love sharing via links. We use pdf conversion features of Qinaps for sending our sales proposals.


Most of us like tagging our notes and work for a variety of reasons! Categorizing based on subject or completion status or difficulty levels of the work itself. There could be several ways of tagging your work. At Qinaps we have introduced Tags to allow us to categorize based on both completion status as well as the difficulty level of the task.

Tagging your work increases productivity and the ability to monitor progress. Users can easily tag their blocks and re-visit them as per their priority. This is unique as most project management tools enable tagging and Kanban boards for their work cards or tasks. However, the actual task of writing the document happens outside of the tool. Contrastingly in Qinaps, the user can tag the block ” in progress ” and continue working within the block. Once the block is complete the block can be simply dragged and dropped using the Kanban Board in the section of “completed” blocks.

And now for this year’s big announcement!

Build In Public with LoopedIn.

We made some bold moves and took a major stride to #build in public with Product Stash now called LoopedIn. With this, Qinaps’s entire product development roadmap is in the public domain. Check out our latest feature updates, features in progress, and last but not least, submit your fresh ideas!  We use this tool extensively to build our roadmap and remain as transparent as possible. Qinaps invite you to let us know your thoughts on the features you would like to see in a smart note-taking and document delivery tool. To share your feedback write us here.

Check out the Qinap’s Build in Public update roadmap,

Write once, reuse many times.  Tear down existing content into reusable components.  Arrange your knowledge base with your own logic.  Build new documents.  Share.  Publish.  Team Qinaps has been working day and night to bring some really interesting and user-friendly Product Updates to the existing tool.

Our promise of value?

“Dive into the details while staying on top of things.”

Let’s begin the journey and stay on top of things while improvising your daily work with stunning features of Qinaps. Get started with Qinaps