March 30, 2021

The curious case of starting-up

If you are curious about life in a start-up while raising a new born, keep reading. To take you back a couple of months in our journey, it’s Sep 2020, we are essentially chained to our work desks with health measures enforced. Apart from a thousand things on our to-do list we also wanted to apply to an incubator. Did… Continue Reading

March 29, 2021

Is Qinaps a text editor, a notetaker, or a doc maker?

Qinaps is a networked note-taking application delivering documents. From note-taking to document publication, Qinaps offers an intelligent workspace. Our secret recipe is that notes and documents stay synced, real-time! Take the first step by creating a new 'Workbook' and writing within a text 'Block'. Next, the user may choose to import from existing files or just begin writing. Over time,… Continue Reading