Assign tags to blocks. Sort blocks by tag. See the whole picture, such as the classic "todo, in progress, done".

Track the completion status of each piece of business information written within blocks with Kanban. As per Wikipedia Kanban boards visually depict work at various stages of a process using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of the process.

Teams use “blocks” to build their knowledge base of business information in Qinaps. Several team members working on different text blocks can easily categorize them as per their completion status. This is a first of its kind and absolutely unique to Qinaps. The writer of documents has the power to himself categorize. It allows tracking the actual work / written document rather than just the “task assigned”.

Use the Kanban feature to drag the blocks to categorize them based on their importance and completion status.

Consequently, create and track the completion of the actual deliverable written in blocks and not just “tasks” within Qinaps!

Once the user groups different blocks under different “viewpoints“, it’s extremely easy to categorize them as per their importance and completion status.

Chose the viewpoint which you want to order using the Kanban feature. Under the “unknown” section a list of blocks in that particular viewpoint is populated. From here you can drag and drop them under relevant sections in the Kanban board already pre-created in Qinaps.