Workbooks – a collection of blocks

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Build your business content. Add blocks write text, add images, videos, links, and other forms of rich media.

The “workbook” is a collection of blocks. Blocks carry text, images, videos, links, and other forms of rich media.

A workbook is the first step to creating the knowledge base consisting of several blocks. Start by creating blocks or simply start writing text within the default blocks. Think of it as an actual book, where one may write as many chapters as they want. To publish a document, grab the needed blocks and hit publish with a smart link or convert to pdf.

In Qinaps there are two kinds of workbooks.

Those displayed first are created by the owner under “My own workbooks”. Under “Workbooks shared with me”, the user can see the list of workbooks that have been shared by team members or friends and family.

Users will not be able to change the settings, delete or duplicate shared workbooks unless the owner specifically allows you the user access rights.

A user can create multiple workbooks in their paid Qinaps account.

Every Qinaps account is pre-loaded with an introductory workbook. These workbooks guide a first time user in understanding and familiarizing with the various features, shortcuts, and hidden gems 🙂 There are also some free publicly available workbook templates that the user may duplicate, edit and populate with their own blocks, content, and viewpoints.

Build your content database using blocks within a workbook. The user may choose to visualize the knowledge base as a site map to get a bird’s eye view.

To design the table of contents, simply drag and drop the blocks to assemble a document.

The workbook serves as a knowledge wiki with meaningfully sorted and categorized business content.