Organize your ideas and collaborate with others

Qinaps is a powerful application for capturing and logically organizing large volumes of business components within the framework of just an idea map.

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Ideate, Assemble, Deliver, Repeat, All at the same time.

Qinaps is the only tool where mind maps will never overwhelm you or people around you.

For mindmap lovers

In the early phases of project development, a mind map is well suited to keep your creativity flowing while keeping a holistic view.

Qinaps can manage complex maps, including linkages between nodes irrespective of hierarchical dependency.

View points representation

Qinaps enables you to slice and visualize your document in multiple view points.

You can sharpen your focus on specific parts of the map by creating several view points.

Work contextually

Write your texts directly in the corresponding node. If you add nodes in different views they are connected and they update automatically. Work once and re-use.

Generate usable documents

Save your maps in text documents so you can share and re-use under any format you like.

Qinaps is your solution when you are

... and pictures of your product road-map ? Need to reproduce all those bright ideas and share the minutes of a meeting with your team? Breathe easy, Qinaps simplifies ideation to documentation

...brain-storming tools, project management and note taking apps and finally re-producing them all over again on a Powerpoint slide or a Text editor or a word document. Why deal with so many tools when just one could power your day to day work.

...which ideate v/s teams that capture business information. With Qinaps, you are re-assured that every idea is a piece of information that can be recorded, developed and expanded into a complete actionable work-book.

We are refreshingly new

How we position ourselves

Image Image Image
Native map editor
Native doc editor
Map & Doc sync
Viewpoint focus


Store maps in a private, secure area.



Invite other persons into your project.

The Qinaps team

Frequently Asked Questions

All and every data handled by Qinaps is stored in Europe, into secure servers provided by our hosting suppliers. Our current suppliers are Scalingo and OVH. They both offer various options for datacenters location around the world. Currently, all our databases are located on servers in France, either under Scalingo or under OVH. We believe that European law forms a strong basis for protecting business and personal data from undesired eyes. Should you feel the need for another location, we would be happy to hear from you.

Every piece of data in Qinaps has an owner. Every owner decides who to share what with. Access to Qinaps is password protected, Qinaps uses HTTPS data transmission, data is processed in clear on our servers, databases are encrypted at rest. Note that any user can decide to share a project with the community: in this case, a project is made "public", hence making it visible to any Qinaps user around the world. By default, projects are private.

Our databases are backed up daily. Our Customer Support can restore backup on demand. Specific terms apply depending on user subscription level.

Your data is your data. Full stop. Should you, for any reason, decide to stop using Qinaps, you can export all your work into a text document. Nothing will be lost and you will be able to carry on your work elsewhere.

We all hate being stuck with a service and having to pay just to keep access on what we did with. Therefore we have a clear policy with subscriptions. Our service levels vary with price. There is a free service level with a good enough set of features to start doing serious work. When a user from a higher service level decides to downgrade to a lower service level, new limits would apply to new items created afterwards. Items created when user enjoyed a higher service level will still be visible, though they would not be granted usage of previous service levels. To put it simply, a user on a paid service level can develop a large enough project, then revert to free plan and keep read access to the entire work.

We wanted a term to reflect our ambition and the fun we had in creating Qinaps. Obviously, our ambition is to create a working buddy that is smart enough to impress even its creators! That's why we thought around the brain and its synapses, at the core of any connection. Then we wanted to reflect the pleasure we enjoyed in creating a tool that was uniquely different. So a pun was the way to go. Even better if the pun was geeky enough. That's why Qinaps is not another project software. Thanks for asking the question and enjoy!

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