Requirements Management Made Easy

Control deviation risks between customer expectations and your deliverables

Requirements matrix as generated by Qinaps

Generate the requirements traceability matrix in a few clicks.

Gain your customer’s trust and be confident of delivering what is required.

Identify and clarify requirements in contract documents.

Don’t change your processes.

Requirements traceability is one of top three risks of project failure

[Project Management Institute]

Because correlating scattered information is tedious

Requirements multiply and spread across documents and teams.

And yet it’s essential to know at all times where the project stands in relation to the initial requirements.

Without a requirements traceability matrix, one has to constantly compare, check, communicate and correct.

This is costly and error-prone.

Tracking requirements with several writers and reviewers

Lack of discipline provokes conflicts and cost overruns

Requirements are sometimes ambiguous or contradictory.

Omitting or underestimating a requirement leads to non-compliance.

Performing work unrelated to a requirement is either superfluous, or a missed opportunity to sell what the customer really needs.

Conflicts arise with the customer and internally. The project’s financial health deteriorates.

Not tracking requirements leads to customer dissatisfaction, loss of time and money

Solution : Qinaps tracks requirements from within documents

Eliminate overhead of requirements management

Eliminate spreadsheets, to-do lists and other ancillary databases

Qinaps builds and maintains the requirements traceability matrix for you

Keep your processes and let your teams focus on client and product

Stand out from competition and earn your customers' trust

Develop a dialogue focused on initial requirements

Identify requirements and eliminate ambiguities early

Make your customers’ life simple by sharing dynamic reports

Elicit requirements through analysis and dialogue

Meet your technical, cost and schedule targets

Have a substantiated basis for costing and negotiation

Immediately assess the impact of a change

Align team work with a single source of truth

Our customers say ...

Easily use multiple sources of information

When designing a new product, Qinaps helps me feed my ideas by collecting and sorting information.
Arnaud Heinrich
Department Manager, CERG Fluides

No more headaches!

Before Qinaps, we had to juggle with files and folders for each architecture variant. Today, we have everything at our fingertips. Data, process models, customer summaries... All use the same data in a consistent way.
Thibault Cattelani
CEO & founder,

An amazing product, an indispensable tool for all startups

I've been a Qinaps user for several months and my startup uses Qinaps to manage all team discussions and content construction.
Devansh Chopra
CEO & founder, Sorditenture

Extracting value from data

I've been using Qinaps for several months now to collect customer data and create summaries. The synchronization between mind maps and documents enables me to extract value from the data very quickly and share it with my customers.
Brian Amedro
CEO & founder, thinkuplabs.FR

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This 5 minute video shows how to build a set of deliverables against a request for proposal, and connect both through a requirements traceability matrix.

The requirements traceability matrix connects deliverables to initial requirements. — La matrice de traçabilité des exigences connecte le cahier des charges avec les livrables.

Frequently Asked Questions

All data processed by Qinaps is stored in Europe, on secure servers provided by our hosting providers. Our current providers are Scalingo and OVH. They both offer different options for locating data centers around the world. We have chosen to localize our applications and databases on servers in France, either with Scalingo or OVH. We believe that European law provides a solid basis for protecting commercial and personal data from unwanted scrutiny.

Every piece of data in Qinaps has an owner. Each owner decides with whom to share his or her data. Access to Qinaps is password-protected, Qinaps uses HTTPS data transmission, data is processed in clear text on our servers, and databases are encrypted at rest. Note that any user can decide to share a project with the community: in this case, a project is made “public”, making it visible to any Qinaps user in the world. By default, projects are private.

Our databases are backed up daily. The history of modifications is kept and accessible for three months at a time. Our customer service department can restore backups on request. Specific conditions apply depending on the user’s subscription level.

You can test Qinaps with all its functions for 30 days. No payment or credit card is required.

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In accordance with European regulations, if your account has been unused for more than two years, we must destroy the data after two years of inactivity. You will be notified several times in advance.

You can ask us, by e-mail and at any time, to completely delete your account and your data.

We wanted a term that reflected our ambition and the pleasure we had in creating Qinaps. Obviously, our ambition is to create a work companion intelligent enough to impress even its creators! That’s why we thought of the brain and its synapses, at the heart of every connection. Secondly, we wanted to reflect the pleasure we had in creating a unique and different tool. So a play on words was in order. Even better if the pun was geeky enough. That’s why Qinaps is not just another productivity software.

Qinaps Is Not Another Productivity Software.

Thanks for asking, and happy reading!