Our team

Laurent Ponthieu, founder and CEO — Laurent enjoys a unique breed of being a PhD in AI with a significant experience of international business leadership. His professional experience spans R&D in AI, leading and growing an industrial business from $30m to $100m with a global customer base, working with government and industry to position a new business, leading one of the French Tech startup ecosystems. He enjoys playing music with his friends. Laurent is an alumnus from École Polytechnique, Paris.

Nilova Pande, cofounder and growth hacker — Nilova is a 10 plus year experienced customer-oriented software growth hacking, product marketing and international business development professional. She delivered growth hacking by building digital channel networks, marketplace management teams and international customer success teams across IT Software, E-commerce, Semiconductor and IoT domains. She is passionate about understanding and solving customers’ business needs with digital technology solutions. Nilova holds and MBA in Marketing and Finance from Alliance Business School, Bangalore.

Why we created Qinaps

Qinaps uses this image to show the old way of working and making a comparison towards new technological advancement of taking notes like in Qinaps

Qinaps is the result of many years’ experience in the high-tech industry.

We’ve seen projects fall short of objectives because the people involved were overwhelmed by the quantity and dispersion of information.

Need some examples?

  • teammates working from different versions of the same document ;
  • a deteriorated customer relationship because a commitment was made in a meeting without measuring the consequences;
  • hours spent on countless “search – copy – paste” operations to reference project data in ancillary databases;
  • having to edit dozens of documents because a single paragraph of the specifications had been changed;
  • etc.

So we wanted to create a tool to make requirements management an effortless task.  We wanted a complete paradigm shift, where information is brought to the user without having to go looking for it.

That tool is Qinaps.

Our vision is to change the way we use computers for working

Qinaps uses this image on the about us page to show the vision of Qinaps and comparing it to VR

The bottom line feeling was that, regardless of advances in IT and such, all we have is a typewriter.  An electronic one, but a typewriter.  It knows
nothing about how we work and assemble data.

Plus we have file cabinets.  Electronic ones, though still a file cabinet.  Want to store one thing into three different places?  No way.

Qinaps wants to fix this.  It’s a big endeavour.

In ten years, Qinaps will have reshaped the way we use computers for writing documents.

Machines will become intelligent collaborative robots for performing intellectual tasks as a team.

Qinaps will have disintermediated word processors and collaboration tools by bringing several orders of magnitude more awareness to its users.