Terms of Use

Qinaps.com is a service provided by Qinaps SAS, a simplified join stock company incorporated in France with Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Grenoble, company code 899 436 307. The purpose of these Terms of Use (the Terms) is to define the terms of use of services provided by Qinaps SAS through the www.qinaps.com website and the application hosted at app.qinaps.com, both collectively referred to as “the Service”.  The Terms constitute a legal and binding agreement between Qinaps SAS and any user of the Service.

Services provided

The Service consists in General Information, User Registration, and the Application, as defined hereafter. General Information service is provided on www.qinaps.com website.  It consists in public information that visitor is free to read. User Registration service is provided on www.qinaps.com website.  Users-to-be register for the purpose of using the Application by entering an e-mail address using the User Registration service. Application is provided on app.qinaps.com website (“the Application Website”).  The Application provides services for electronic data organisation, storage, retrieval, sharing and transmission.  Access to the Application Website is solely granted to registered users, hereafter referred to, individually or collectively, as the the User.  Access to Application website is limited to using services and interfaces designed by Qinaps SAS for fullfilling the Service.  Any other access to the Application is prohibited. In particular and without limitation, User may not access the Application for the purpose of reverse engineering or decompilation.

Intellectual property in user-generated content

User grants Qinaps a licence to use their data for storage, processing and display.  Such licence only applies within the scope of services that Qinaps provides for the benefit of User.  Qinaps cannot use their data for anything else than services provided to User and internal operations required in support of those services (eg database administration, backups, monitoring). User retains all intellectual property rights and liabilities for data stored in Qinaps.

Cloud storage, data security, confidentiality

All and every data handled by Qinaps is stored in Europe, into secure servers provided by our hosting suppliers.  Our current suppliers are Scalingo and OVH.  They both offer various options for datacenters location around the world. Currently, all our databases are located on servers in France, either under Scalingo or under OVH. Access to the Service is password protected.  User keep their passwords personal and secure under their responsibility.  For the pupose of delivering the Service, the Application stores User passwords in encrypted format.  Qinaps has no means to read a User password in clear once it is set. For the purposes of providing the Services, Qinaps has access to information created by the User via the Application. Unless required by User for specific acts like restoring a backup, such information is only handled by pieces of software from the Application.  Qinaps server databases are encrypted at rest. Access to server databases is strictly limited. On top of data handled by Qinaps, we use: – Stripe as our payment platform.  Use of Qinaps implies acceptance of Stripe terms of service,  The Application uses Stripe to collect payments and stores user name and address for the purpose of generating proper invoices.  Stripe stores credit card details.  Qinaps does not store credit card details. – Sendinblue as our marketing platform.  Use of Qinaps implies acceptance of Sendinblue terms of service,  The Application stores user name and email in Sendinblue databases for the purpose of sending updates to User who requested so.

Limitation of Use

User and Qinaps agree and assert that human values and business ethics are a priority  User agrees to use Qinaps strictly within the limits of the laws and ethical business practices of Europe, its member states, the USA, and OECD.  In particular, User agrees not to use Qinaps for organized crime, unlawful exports, pornography, child abuse, hate speech, racism, discrimination, etc.  Any breach will be subject to immediate suspension and reported to relevant authorities.

Personal information

Personal information about User is collected by Qinaps, Stripe and Sendinblue for the purpose of providing the Service.  User has access to their personal information by contacting us through the Application.  Qinaps handles personal information like their founders would like theirs to be handled: use is strictly for Qinaps.  Qinaps does not and will not sell or transmit personal information to third parties, except those mentioned in this paragraph, for the strict needs of running the application. The General Information and the Application services make use of third party cookies for the purpose of improving Qinaps services. These are: Facebook pixel, Google Analytics tags.  Although we appreciate collaboration of our users by accepting these cookies, any User may decline their use with the cookie consent form. User agrees that any personal information they would enter into the Application is and will stay compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Limitation of Liability

Although Qinaps devotes reasonable efforts for providing the Service as described in General Information and in compliance with the Terms, User agrees that Qinaps only as an obligation of care, and not an obligation of result, and  cannot be held liable for any data loss and consequential damages thereof.  There is no expressed or implied warranty regarding the use of Qinaps towards any purpose. In any case, and regardless of initiating events, external or internal conditions and consequences, by using the Application, User agrees that Qinaps SAS financial liability can not exceed the amount paid by User in a single year.


Unless specified otherwise by a written and duly signed corporate agreement, User and Qinaps may terminate agreement anytime, without notice, without justification and Qinaps will refund monies unused after the current term of Service, monthly or yearly.  Any personal information will be permanently deleted 90 days after termination comes in effect.

Governing Law

Contract agreement, as entered into by Qinaps and User from the moment of using the Registration service, and until such time the agreement is terminated, is governed under the laws of France.