Selectively share with friends and family

Quickly build a gallery of your memories with write-ups, photos, videos and share them privately with family or friends.

Planning your next trip requires so many things to get done before you actually hit the road.

Qinaps helps in planning the trip, capturing memories, and sharing your experiences! All using the same application!

Plan your entire vacation starting with flight tickets, hotel bookings

Create a list of interesting places on a must-visit list

Make a separate block with photos and videos, arrange them day-wise or dump them all in a single block!

Protip: Check the weather app, better even take a screengrab and store it before packing for wet or dry or warm weather. Tag your must-haves list as “important” so that you remember to carry them along!

Capture your memories into notes while sipping your favorite coffee 🙂

Select your gallery, create a link sharable link and send it with family and friends securely!

With Qinaps keep your memories online and selectively share your joy and private moments! Forget shared drives for uploading photos. Stores your photos, videos, lists, and memory blogs all in the same space!