Qinaps approach to documents

From capturing ideas for new planning sessions to note-taking and information capturing and finally document publication, Qinaps offers an intelligent workspace.

Our secret recipe is that notes and documents stay synced with the Map, real-time!

Take the first step by creating a new Workbook and writing within a text ‘Block’. Next, the user may choose to import from existing files or just begin writing. Over time, several blocks make up workbooks and several workbooks form a rich knowledge-base or a team-wiki. Now it’s up to the users to freely arrange and assemble documents by cherry-picking from blocks.

Networked Notetaking? Let’s do a deep dive!

Qinaps organizes business information into a ‘knowledge base or a visual “Map”. Since it is made up of modular text blocks, flexibility is inbuilt. Users can decide to view their knowledge base as a Table, a Map, a Document, or as an HTML Page. They’re all different Viewing Modes of the same information.

Qinaps keeps documents updated in real-time. As they are built from assembling several text blocks. Therefore, users can update several documents at once with a single change at the source block.

Qinaps sharpens focus on work with Viewpoints’. To put it simply, each Viewpoint is a cluster of blocks from the larger overall set. Users can simply add a viewpoint, name it, and chose the blocks to focus on.


Rebecca is the Sales Director.  She wants to write her business expansion plan for North America. For the sake of clarity, she decides to focus her attention on California. Rebecca simply adds a Viewpoint called ‘California’. Now she can choose some common blocks from her overall North America plan. While she continues to focus on sales and other plans, associated with California.

Granular block level collaboration

Qinaps is designed to write documents as a team.

Users can collaborate to review, contribute, and or write within specific text blocks. The workbook owner can choose the level of granular access for every team member!

In Qinaps users can easily publish documents with a sharable link with different stakeholders. This is unique, especially if documents need several revisions, and proofreading. Oh, and re-sending attachments, well you may kiss them good-bye!

Qinaps keeps documents fresh and alive in a breeze 🙂

Write once, reuse many times. Tear down existing documents into reusable blocks. Arrange your business information with your own logic. Build new documents, share and re-use.  

Our promise of value? “Dive into the details while staying on top of things.”

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