Terms of Use

Our Terms of Use are under development.  This document spells out the head of terms, ie the intent that Qinaps and its users agree to comply with.  Complete set of terms to become available soon.

Services provided

Qinaps provides services for electronic data organisation, storage, retrieval, sharing and transmission.Services are provided by Qinaps SAS, a French legal entity under creation in Grenoble, France.

Intellectual property in user-generated content

User grants Qinaps a licence to use their data for storage, processing and display.  Such licence only applies within the scope of services that Qinaps provides to the benefit of User.  Qinaps cannot use their data for anything else than services provided to User and internal operations required in support of those services (eg database administration, backups, monitoring).User retains all intellectual property rights and liabilities for data stored in Qinaps.

Cloud storage and data security

All and every data handled by Qinaps is stored in Europe, into secure servers provided by our hosting suppliers.  Our current suppliers are Scalingo and OVH.  They both offer various options for datacenters location around the world. Currently, all our databases are located on servers in France, either under Scalingo or under OVH.Every piece of data in Qinaps has an owner. Every owner decides who to share what with. Access to Qinaps is password protected.  User keep their passwords personal and secure.

Limitation of Use

User and Qinaps agree to value business and human ethics above anything else.  User agrees to use Qinaps strictly within the limits of the laws and ethical business practices of Europe, its member states, the USA, and OECD.  In particular, User agrees not to use Qinaps for organized crime, unlawful exports, pornography, child abuse, hate speech, racism, discrimination, etc.  Any breach will be subject to immediate suspension and report to relevant authorities.

Limitation of Liability

User agrees that Qinaps cannot be held liable for any data loss and consequential damages thereof.

Governing Law

Contract agreement is governed under the laws of France.