Explore Use Cases with Qinaps

Build and maintain a business plan

Stay in control despite so many dimensions one has to consider. Collect pieces from every angle. Create fexible summaries to test your audience with.

Assemble sales proposals

Assemble sales proposals by picking elements from a curated library. Use elements from communication or legal and mix with yours. No more copy and paste.

Innovate on the whiteboard

Gather data. Jot ideas.  Explore options. Stay focused while viewing the bigger picture. Generate compelling summaries.  Iterate.

Writing Research articles

Juggling tables, links, articles, stats? With Qinaps, create multiple categories for research reports, tables, meetings, articles. Assemble relevant blocks to tailor your reports. Share PDF or disappearing links, maintain confidentiality !

Create marketing content

Create several idea blocks. Detail the content & categorize into social posts, email content, video scripts. Collaborate and share via links or PDF. Make frequent revisions real-time because resending attachments is such a passé!

Build and share syntheses

Collect data on your customer’s challenge. Visualize heaps of data consitstenly. Build and share powerful summaries.

Share a knowledge base with employees

Create your onboarding knowledge base, share with smart links. Making changes? Update automatically everywhere! Wondering “who has the latest version?” forget it !