Categorize blocks into viewpoints. Grouping similar blocks makes it easy to navigate through topics. Reduces time spent in searching through heaps of written data !

Created too many blocks of content, categorize them! For a power user of Qinaps, viewpoints enable categorizing blocks within smaller clusters and naming them for ease of use. Viewpoints can be topic-specific, department wise or simply project-specific content.

A researcher working on various chapters of a report

In order to understand viewpoints let’s take an example of a researcher working on producing a report on video conferencing tools applications. The user has created several blocks containing text and rich media for the different chapters of the report. The viewpoints can be named as the following:-

  • Market size
  • Major players and competitive landscape
  • Geographical indicators
  • Market applications
  • Other statistics and sources

Once the blocks with sub-headers are ready, the researcher can start detailing each one with content, images, graphs, links, and more.

Viewpoints give the flexibility to concentrate on the current work of the day such as “market applications”.

The user can simply click on the required viewpoint and continue working instead of searching for the block within a complex crowded workbook full of blocks!

Check out this video explaining viewpoints and its creation, in complete details.