Write reports

Juggling tables, links, articles, stats? With Qinaps, assemble relevant blocks to tailor your reports.

Organize multiple sources of data

Writing research reports means juggling many notes, documents, pictures, tables, links, articles from various files.

Why waste time sieving through an information dump in several folders? What if you could store everything at one place? Notes, other research reports, drafts, tables, graphs and more!

In Qinaps create reusable blocks containing all information in different formats. You can even maintain a datewise “minutes of the meetings” as a part of your Research Workbook. Pick and assemble from the blocks needed for the draft report. Tailor your report to the needs of each stakeholder.  Preview final deliverable.  Share with private, time limited links.

Report on “Global mobile application market”

As a researcher, you have been tasked to write a report on “Global mobile application market”. Firstly, start by mapping out all the sections/blocks that will comprise the report. As you keep adding blocks, a visual outlay of the entire research report comes alive.

Visual display of Blocks/sections for a research report

Once a basic skeleton of the report is ready with the desired sections, start by storing qualitative and quantitative data in the relevant sections.

Store notes and information within blocks

The split view is a good place to start capturing and filling out details pertaining to each section.

It gives a detailed view of the information and a quick glimpse of the sub-blocks under a particular section of the report.

Conversely, you can also choose to open the editor from the map to write/edit a particular block.

As the content gets ready, you can selectively share links to each of the viewpoints to review with stakeholders.

If you are the project leader and working as a group, you may track the progress using the Kanban board. Each block may be attributed a “completion status” and “importance” level.